About Company

The Diversified Group Inc.
The Diversified Group has been involved in almost every aspect of electrical contractor services including residential, commercial, industrial, utility, refinery and various other projects.  We are experienced in dealing with large general contractors, government organizations, and large corporate management structures to interpret their needs, apply their visions and accomplish their missions.  We will continue on the path of a service oriented organization with the customers needs in mind.


Our Company Core Values

GOD-We believe in glorifying God with our time, talent, and financial resources.

FAMILY- We believe it is the obligation of the Company to preserve and protect the family unit.

COMMITMENT-We deliver what and when we promise

HONESTY- We believe ONLY truth prevails

TEAMWORK- We believe teamwork produces results superior to those which might be achieved as individuals.

ACCOUNTABILITY- We believe that upstream / downstream accountability exposes and determines the health of the Company and our corporate culture

COMMUNICATION- We seek first to understand, then to be understood

MUTUAL RESPECT- We treat everyone with dignity and respect demonstrating the utmost value of diversity

EMPOWERMENTWe believe people must be enabled to make decisions which contribute to the success of our Company and to the satisfaction of our customer

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We believe everything we do has a process which can be improved, simplified, or eliminated

INTERNAL PROMOTION- We believe our future leaders are found in today’s employees

URGENCYWe believe managing our time efficiently creates our competitive advantage

SAFETY- We promote a corporate culture which believes in protecting human life and well-being through work and jobsite safety

COMMUNITYWe believe in helping and improving communities in which we live and work

ENVIRONMENTWe promote the use of recyclable products and renewable energy.


Our Staff