TWC-Critical Care Facility Expansion/ Upgrade

The Diversified Group was awarded the contract for procurement, installation, commissioning of all electrical related equipment, and operations, due to our extensive background in data centers, and our perfect track record of communicating with engineers, working around delicate equipment, and bringing project in on time and under budget.  This project involved new 600 amp 3 phase service, numerous UPS’s new generator, coordination with TWC staff, as well as ensuring no customers in the region had any disruption of service during construction.

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Agaci Stores-Sunland Park Mall – Cielo Vista mall – Midland Park Mall-

The Diversified Group was hired to perform demolition functions and completely revamp the Agaci Store in Sunland Park Mall and Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas.  The project was a complete success and led to our organization being re-hired to complete the same project out of town in Midland, Texas for the Midland Park Mall.  All 3 projects were within a mall environment requiring interaction with neighbor organizations and multiple contractors without incident.

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Empire Today Call Center-

This very large facility was awarded to The Diversified Group for all electrical work at the inception of this corporations move from Kansas to Texas.  The work entailed not just a broad array of electrical functions, but the responsibility to address the requirements of a call center which included numerous data related functions.  There were also emergency backup systems including UPS related functions which had to be addressed successfully during the construction process.

Fort Bliss Centennial Club-
The Diversified Group joined the numerous contractors working on Fort Bliss, TX and completed the remodel of the more than 100,000 square foot facility military club.  This project was bid at over 1,000,000.00 and again we were able to finish the project on time and within the cost projections.
University Medical Center (formerly Thomason Hospital) Crime Victims Unit-
The Diversified Group completed a project for Thomason Hospital to round out their diverse capabilities and add Medical Facilities to their resume.  The technically challenging project presented some new challenges and our organization again broadened their expertise to rise to the challenge.
TWC-Critical Care Facility-Complete New energy Efficient Facility
The Diversified Group was awarded contract after proving ourselves with numerous upgrades for the customer.  We brought a new site online, transferred all equipment and services, without losing service to a single client in the area.  This new data center is a model for future centers and shows how efficient a facility like this can be.  We are honored to be a part of the future building practices.
City of El Paso-Arterial Lighting Project-
The Diversified Group accomplished a major street lighting project addressing roadway lighting on Pebble Hills avenue in the City of El Paso.  Incorporated El Paso’s first ever round-a-bout providing it with plenty of lighting to ensure a safe experience by motorists.
Covan-American Storage Facility-
This project had a large amount of outside dirt work coupled with numerous outside lights.  All electrical had to be underground at a depth of 6’ or lower. The large diverse project provided our organization the opportunity to exercise the ability to perform a wide variety of specific tasks culminating the final product in the range of 200,000.00
The unique experience of addressing restaurant needs has been undertaken by The Diversified Group on numerous occasions, to include Sugar Daddy’s, Cracker Barrel, Wing Daddy’s, and Golden Corral.  The high capacity service requirements and concentrated kitchen facilities are another attribute achieved and experience attained during these jobs.
Verde Engineering – Austin, Texas / Round Rock, Texas-
The interaction with Verde Engineering has been an educational experience.  By working with an organization completely staffed by highly qualified engineers or their level of expertise is immense.  The two years of interaction with this staff of over 25 has provided The Diversified Group with an unparalleled training experience.  Their work involve sophisticated backup systems, alarm activated emergency response and highly technical data systems which all have enhanced our organizations ability to work in this  (or any ) type of environment.  The level of documentation requirements have raised the bar for our technicians who now have refined their ability to articulate dynamic processes in writing and recapitulate their tasks to a third party.