Current™ New Brand Identity by Current Always On Current™ (formerly GE Current, a Daintree Company) has unveiled a new brand identity following the historic acquisition of Hubbell’s Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Lighting business. The enterprise brand—to be formally introduced at LightFair 2022—unites the companies under a single identity with one purpose: To deliver the innovation […]

Kwyet™ Sphere Pendant

Kwyet™ Sphere Pendant by OCL Acoustic Illuminated Cylinders Acoustic lighting harmoniously pairs high performance luminaires and sound- absorbing decorative felt. This combination is a compelling solution for mitigating reverberated sound and controlling ambient noise in open spaces – all while providing beautiful aesthetics and outstanding lighting performance. Learn More

All-Purpose Luminaire

Decorative All-Purpose Luminaire by Lamar LED Versatile Ceiling or Wall Mount LED Series Decorative all-purpose luminaire. Ceiling or wall mount. Ideal for schools, hospitals, retail and commercial buildings. Available in three distinct power options designed to provide the proper lumen output for many given applications. Available in 2′ and 4′ lengths (nominal) with linear extruded […]

NFPA 101 : Bi-Level Luminaire

NFPA 101 : Bi-Level Luminaire by Lamar LED VOL Gen5 Bi-Level Series w/ Multi-Color Tuning LAMAR LED strives to be the continued expert in code compliance, developing the first and only fixture that meets the full intent of NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code. LAMAR LED’s Voyager Series is compliant with NFPA 101 because the […]