Heliport Floodlight

Heliport Floodlight ewo ewo’s heliport luminaire is suitable as a surface light on platforms and landing fields for helicopters. The permissible total height of 25 cm under ICAO is not exceeded and therefore, the product creates no obstruction on the helipad.  Learn More


Bell Pendant ILEX Custom Metalcraft Hand spun, sophisticated timeless materials – copper or brass, and oak in a bell shape come together to offer a chic pendant for modern and transitional spaces.   Learn More

Max Pendant

Max Pendant Stone Lighting Unique metalized amber and metalized blue/grey oblong glass globes. Line voltage incandescent or LED retro tubular lamps. Product is dimmable.  Learn More


Skirt Axolight Skirt takes inspiration from the world of fashion, in particular from the garment of the same name. The result is a collection of pendant lamps with a unique and elegant design, given by its sinuous shapes. Learn More