Let Your Lighting
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Active Light Disinfection


Diversified is a viable source for the expertise needed to develop solutions in using light as a disinfectant. 

Within our broad offering of lighting and technology we offer many products capable of sanitizing the built environment and tracking occupancy through the use of lighting and controls. 

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A New Alternative – Visible Light

Researchers at University of Strathclyde discover that bacteria and microorganisms can be killed by 405 nm Visible light, patenting the initial technology in 2007.

405nm light is near UV, but NOT UV, and has been shown safe for humans/materials.

Lighting As Disinfection

Active Light Disinfection uses specific wavelengths (not chemicals) to inactivate pathogens.

In particular, Ultraviolet (UV) light is strongly germicidal, and has been used for many years in a variety of applications, including instrument sterilization and air handler coil cleaning.

UV light attacks the DNA structure of many cells, rendering them inactive.  However, prolonged UV exposure can be dangerous to humans or animals and can accelerate material degradation.

Bacteria & Viruses can be rendered inactive with near-UV, UV, & far-UV light sources.


Lighting Disinfects Using Various Technologies

UV Task Lighting

UV Upper Air Disinfection

Integrated UV Air Disinfection

Far UV-C

405nm Visible Light Disinfection

Areas That Benefit from Disinfection

  • Healthcare
  • Educational Facilities
  • Assistant Living
  • Food Preparation
  • Grocery/Pharmacy
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clean Rooms

Continual Active Disinfection Against a Variety of Micro-Organisms
To date, 405nm has not completed testing for Covid-19, but has been clinically proven to reduce the above sources of alternate or secondary infection.


Near-UV Solutions

Hubbell 405nm – https://www.hubbell.com/hubbelllightingci/en/spectraclean

Kenall 405nm – http://www.indigo-clean.com

Pinnacle 405nm – http://www.pinnacle-ltg.com/products/ingido-clean/

UV & Far-UV Solutions

Hubbell 254nm – https://www.hubbell.com/hubbelllightingci/en/spectraclean-254

Coronet – https://coronetled.com/guv/

Ushio 222nm – https://www.ushio.com/product/care222-mercury-free-far-uv-c-excimer/

Physical Distancing, Occupancy & Tracking Controls Technologies

Enlighted – https://www.enlightedinc.com/

Vergesense – https://vergesense.com/product/

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