Theatrical & Architainment

Diversified Lighting Associates


Philadelphia Center City District, Emad Hasan, The Lighting Practice

Lighting technology has evolved to a point where theatrical design conventions are used throughout the architectural world on a regular basis. However, this means that only a small group of varied specialists will excel in bringing these types of creative solutions to life. Yet, Diversified can expand beyond this realm.

Encompassed within the agency today is an entire team of designers and technicians currently working directly in the world of Theatrical Lighting & controls as well as rigging system design. While long having the people and product lines to create remarkable solutions in the world of architainment, in recent years Diversified made significant investments to expand this footprint. 

Sky Terrain – BEAM, ltd.

Diversified offers greater services

By representing many more new product lines, as well as combining forces with a premier agent in this specialty, today Diversified lighting offers services greater than any other agency when it comes to theatrical and architainment illumination and controls. From washing landmarks and entire city boulevards in color-changing light to making facades dance or ceilings appear as if they flutter, our experience is extensive and proven.

Washingtonville High School, RFNA – a Diversified Company