Floodlights ewo The tried-and-tested R–System R1 has been optimized for applications such as traffic areas as well as small sports areas (tennis courts etc.). Learn More

Static White

Static White Omnilight Lumensmith by Omnilight is a custom line of fully assembled fixtures designed and fabricated to meet the exact needs of each space. Learn More

Sports Lighting

Pickleball LSI Industries LSI’s ZONE™ LED sports light is a game changer for court lighting applications. ZONE features a sleek low profile design and high performance LEDs paired with precise silicone optics to produce superior levels of illumination and uniformity. Compared with typical HID court lighting systems, the energy load is reduced by up to […]

Prevent Luminaires

Prevent Kim Lighting The Prevent vandal-resistant luminaire is built for high-abuse applications available in both linear and round luminaires. Prevent combines architectural aesthetic features, including tamper-resistant durable enclosures, high-impact polycarbonate lens and high-performance optical systems for environments requiring a high degree of protection. Learn More

Complex Environment Downlight

Complex Environment Downlight Lifeshield Lifeshield downlights ensure safety, reliability, and compliance. We have combined continued improvements in LED efficacy, materials, and optical design into high performance, high quality, complex environment downlighting solutions. Learn More