SL Slimline

SL Slimline by H.E. Williams SL Slimline Architectural Wide distribution and diffuse lens provide smooth, ambient illumination in single luminaires, continuous rows and unique patterns. Learn More

GS Slim High Bay

GS Slim High Bay H.E. Williams The GS Slim High Bay is an energy-saving alternative designed to replace traditional HID or fluorescent high bays. Learn More

H.E. Williams

H. E. Williams

Featured February 15-28, 2021https://www.hew.com About Diversified Diversified has been a leading representative of high-quality lighting and controls for over 50 years.  With regional resource centers in Philadelphia, Warminster, Fairfield, Allentown, Lancaster and Wilmington, Diversified has over 100 sales, design, and service professionals serving Eastern PA, DE and all of NJ.  In 2019, Diversified was #1 […]