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Dan Czarny Director
David Verna Senior Project Manager
Debbie Irwin Administrative Assistant
Deirdre McClintock Senior Sales Manager
Don Cambria Sales Support
Donna Mangas Quotation Specialist
Eddie Dwyer Controller
Emily Schnurr Sales Support
Eric Eucker Field Engineer
Eric Silcox Director
Felicia Campeanu Quotation Specialist
Fred Schneider Senior Sales Manager
Fred Villano Senior Application Engineer
Geralyn Jacobs Senior Project Manager
Griffin Potere Sales Manager
Heather Kilroy Lead Applications Specialist
Jacqueline Jarosz Senior Quotation Specialist
James Reardon Senior Sales Manager
Jayne Buchwald Director of Finance /HR/ Operations
Jennifer Davis Applications Specialist
Joanne Villar Finance Specialist
Joey Buchwald Sales Manager
John Mayer III Sales Support
John O’Leary Application Engineer Sales Support
John Shireman II Quotation Specialist
Joseph Burkart Senior Project Manager
Joseph Dirienzo Senior Sales Manager
Joseph Rounsaville Senior Sales Manager
Julie Panassow Senior Applications Specialist
Katelyn Crompton Quotation Specialist
Kathy Millan Sales Support
KC Clark Project Manager
Keith Dottery Senior Sales Manager
Kevin Burd Senior Sales Manager
Kevin Fuller Warehouse Manager
Kimberly Andrew Sales Support